Lectures and Talks

“Divine Concurrence with Sinful Volitions in Some Lesser Known Fourteenth-Century Franciscan Thinkers”
Primary and Secondary Causality, Vienna, 2023.

“Celestial Stuff: Peter Auriol on the Matter of Angels and Celestial Bodies”
Invited Lecture, University of Würzburg, 2022.

“How Many Matters? The Problem of Celestial Matter in Some Early 14th-Century Thinkers”
The XVth International Congress of the SIEPM, 2022.

“Angelic Mental Acts and Universal Hylomorphism in Some Early 14th-Century Franciscans”
Powers of the Soul in the Franciscan Tradition, KCL, 2022.

Matterless Celestial Bodies in Durand of St.-Pourçain, John of Jandun, and Peter Auriol
Invited Lecture, Gothenburg, SE, 2022.
APA Central, SMRP Satellite Session, Chicago, 2022.
Materia, Qì, and their Epistemes, KU-Leuven–UST Beijing, 2021.

Causal Powers and Teleology
Causal Powers in Late Medieval Philosophy, Stockholm, 2022.
Teloi research group, Central European University, 2021.

“Durand of St.-Pourçain on Gappy Existence,” with Adam Wood
SMRP Inaugural Conference, Notre Dame, IN, 2021.

“Albert and Aquinas on Virtual Containment”
APA Central, SMRP Satellite Session, Chicago, 2020.

Durand of St.-Pourçain and Peter of Palude on the Problem of Impassibility
Theories of Causal Powers in the 13th–14th Century, KUL, 2018.
Morris Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy, Boulder, CO, 2018.
Annual meeting of the ACPA, Dallas, TX, 2017.

Scotus, Ockham, and Biel on sine qua non Causes
Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, SLU, 2019.
Medieval Natural Philosophy, University of St. Thomas, MN, 2016.

“Ockham on Divine Concurrence”
Annual meeting of the ACPA, San Diego, CA, 2018.

Aquinas on Causes, Effects, and Their Necessary Connection
CLPS-DWMC Symposium, KU Leuven, 2018.
Aquinas and Analytic Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin, 2017.
34th annual joint meeting of the SAGP, Fordham University, NY, 2016.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Fire and Causal Powers
Special Divine Action, AAR Symposium, San Antonio, 2016.
Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers, Calgary, 2016.
Change and Its Challenges, Fordham University, NY, 2015.

Aquinas, Giles of Rome, Durand of St.-Pourçain, and Peter of Palude on Divine Concurrence
International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, 2016.
The University of Toronto Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy, 2015.
33rd annual joint meeting of the SAGP, Fordham University, NY, 2015.
13th- and 14-century Thought on Change, KU Leuven, 2015.

“Thought Experiments in John Buridan’s Treatise on the Void
Medieval Thought Experiments 1100–1450, New College, Oxford, 2015.

“Mere Conservationism and Its Metaphysical Commitments”
Divine Action in the World, AT Project, Innsbruck, 2014.

Descartes’ Optics and Medieval Theories of Vision
Southwest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Albuquerque, 2014.
Scientiae, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 2012.

“Scotus on Modality and the Argument for God’s Existence”
31st annual meeting of the SAGP, Fordham University, 2013.

“Are Horse-legs Horses? Buridan on Material Constitution”
Graduate Symposium, Fordham University, NY, 2011.

“Aquinas and Buridan on the Possibility of Scientific Knowledge”
Conference of the Hungarian Thomas Aquinas Society, 2009.