Latin and Paleography

The KCL Latin Philosophy Reading Group

In Autumn 2023 we are meeting every Thursday from 12 to 1 p.m., in the Philosophy building, room 508. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of Latin proficiency.

Virtual Paleography Group

We meet once every week via Zoom, right now on Fridays at 4 p.m. London time, and read and transcribe from a manuscript. Currently (Autumn 2023) we are working on Buridan’s commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics (Vat. Urb. 198).

In earlier semesters we read from Peter Auriol’s Quodlibet; Peter of Auvergne’s Sentences commentary; De Fonseca’s De sensu (in a modern cursive script); John Buridan’s commentary on the De memoria (in a 14th-century anglicana script); from the Life of St. Cuthbert by Bede (Carolingian script); and from an anonymous Vatican Lateran ms. (14th-century gothic book hand).

The paleography skills of the group participants occupy a big range, and everyone is welcome. It is easier than it looks like! If interested, please send me an email.


In earlier semesters I had lead the CSC Latin Reading Group, where we read some of Augustine’s sermons, and earlier the Itinerarium Egeriae, the travel diary of a 4th-century Spanish pilgrim woman traveling to the Holy Land.

I also used to coordinate the Fordham Philosophy Latin Reading Group, a group of students and faculty whose primary interest is medieval philosophy.