Medieval Philosophy

In this course, we look at philosophy from around the 4th to the 14th centuries. Although this is a broad time-period that resists general claims about its philosophical tendencies, most auhors we will consider were primarily concerned with the question how to fit Christianity into a broadly speaking Aristotelian, scientific world-view (or on the converse, how to fit a scientific world-view into a broadly speaking theological framework). Topics of discussion will include, among others, questions concerning faith and reason, knowledge and skepticism, causation, and human nature. Representative figures include Augustine, Boethius, Anselm, Averroes, Siger of Brabant, Aquinas, Giles of Rome, Henry of Ghent, Duns Scotus, Ockham, Nicholas of Autrecourt, and John Buridan.

2018 Spring syllabus
2019 Spring syllabus

Class Schedule, 2019 Spring

(updated: 1/10/2019)

Date and Topic Presenter DUE
Jan 8, Introduction; Lewis, *Discarded Image*
Jan 10, Augustine on philosophy and religion
Jan 15, Al-Ghazali on philosophy and religion
Jan 17, Al-Ghazali cont.
Jan 22, Avicenna on the soul
Jan 24, Avicenna cont.
Jan 29, Aquinas on the soul
Jan 31, Aquinas cont.
Feb 5, Abelard's ethics Eric Frieb
Feb 7, Duns Scotus on ethics
Feb 12, Duns Scotus cont. Johnnatan Ibarra Juarez
Feb 19, Anselm, *Monologion* Hugo Rodriguez
Feb 21, Anselm and the ontological argument Jared Ludwig
Feb 26, Aquinas on the ontological argument Cezar Gomez
Feb 28, Aquinas's arguments for God's existence
Mar 5, Maimonides on God
Mar 12, Aquinas on talking about God Hugo Rodriguez
Mar 14, Duns Scotus on talking about God
Mar 19, Boethius on freedom and foreknowledge Johnnatan Ibarra Juarez Final paper topics
Mar 21, Gersonides Jared Ludwig
Mar 28, Crescas Cezar Gomez Annotated bibliography
Apr 2, Scotus on divine foreknowledge
Apr 4, Scotus cont.
Apr 9, Ockham on metaphysics
Apr 11, Ockham cont.
Apr 16, Autrecourt on metaphysics Final paper outline
Apr 23, Buridan on metaphysics
Apr 25, Autrecourt on certainty Eric Frieb
Apr 30, Buridan on certainty
May 2, Final review Final paper final draft
TBA, Final exam