Euclidean Geometry

Plato inscribed above the portal to his Academy the following words: “Let no one ignorant of geometry enter here.” Following this tradition, Thomas Aquinas insists that a study of mathematics must precede the study of natural philosophy and metaphysics. Thus, this course examines Euclid’s Elements both as a fine example of a system of geometry (with definitions, postulates, propositions, and proofs), and as an instance of Greek thought taken more broadly. Topics include triangles, circles, abstract proportions, geometric similarity, number theory, the notion of incommensurability, and solid geometry.

2019 Spring syllabus

Class Schedule, 2019 Spring

(updated: 1/21/2019)

MWF section TR section
Jan 9, Introduction Jan 8, Introduction
Jan 11, Definitions Jan 10, Definitions, Postulates
Jan 14, Postulates, Common notions, Prop. I.1 Jan 15, Common notions, Prop. I.1
Jan 18, I.2–3 Jan 17, I.2–4
Jan 21, I.4–5 Jan 22, I.5–6
Jan 23, I.5--6 Jan 24, I.7–10
Jan 25, I.7--8 Jan 29
Jan 28 Jan 31
Jan 30 Feb 5
Feb 1 Feb 7
Feb 4 Feb 12

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