Latin Reading Group

The CSC Latin Reading Group is a group of students and faculty who develop, exercise, and enjoy their Latin skills at our weekly meetings. In the Fall 2018 semester, we are reading the Itinerarium Egeriae, the travel diary of a 4th-century Spanish pilgrim woman traveling to the Holy Land. It is a fascinating text with picturesque descriptions of scenery.

There is quite a lot of (both good and bad) literature concerning Egeria’s travels; a good starting point is John Wilkinson, ed., Egeria’s Travels (S.P.C.K, 1971; reprint Liverpool, 1999). There is also some useful information on the now quite outdated website of the Egeria project, while a detailed map of Egeria’s itinerary, based on the Itinerarium, is available here.

Everyone is welcome to the group; proficiency in Latin is not required. Here is a great Latin dictionary to make things a bit easier.