Latin Reading Group

The Latin Reading Group has recently transformed into a Paleography reading group. We meet once every week via Zoom, and read and transcribe from a manuscript. Currently (Spring 2021) we are working on Buridan’s commentary on the De memoria, as in Vat. Lat. 2880, which is quite legibly written.

The paleography skills of the group participants occupy a big range, and everyone is welcome. It is easier than it looks like, and very easy to get used to it! If interested, please send me an email.

Vat Lat ms 985

In earlier semesters I had lead the CSC Latin Reading Group, where we read some of Augustine’s sermons, and earlier the Itinerarium Egeriae, the travel diary of a 4th-century Spanish pilgrim woman traveling to the Holy Land.

I also used to coordinate the Fordham Philosophy Latin Reading Group, a group of students and faculty whose primary interest is medieval philosophy.